An introduction to Google Business Messages

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Pre-2020, the events of the last two years had firmly been the stuff of fiction. Lockdowns, deadly viruses, travel bans – they were popular tropes of the big screen.

And so was artificial intelligence. Films about robots becoming smarter and more human-like are too numerous to count. But AI has come on leaps and bounds over the last two years. Pandemics are not the only thing to have taken a shift from fiction to reality.

AI technology has become a much bigger part of our day-to-day lives. Just like the films – minus the killer robots, thankfully.

AI has seen a recent explosion in popularity, with more and more people interacting with chatbots than ever before.

Consumers actively prefer to be able to directly message brands to ask pre- and post-purchase questions. And they like to do it on their own timescale, without being governed by store opening hours.

And there are many ways for them to do this, whether that’s via web chat or social media.

If you’re interested in how conversational marketing can help your business, you may have heard of Google Business Messages.

Business Messages, sometimes referred to as GBM, is now on the rise expected to become a major player in the next few years.

This guide will explain how Business Messages work, the opportunities they offer, and why it is a good idea to invest in them for your business.

What is Google Business Messages?

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In 2018, Google introduced a way for customers to directly contact businesses via message when using Maps.

Today, Google is expanding this offering so that customers can reach brands quickly and directly through their search results on Maps and Search. And it can even be embedded into brands’ own platforms.

It is basically Google’s platform for conversational marketing.

The user experience is seamless and efficient. Brands who have implemented Google’s Business Messages are seeing incredible results in their customer care scores and conversion rates.

How can Google Business Messages help your business?

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Improved customer service

Consumer expectations have never been higher. With Google’s Business Messages, you can meet them.

This platform spans the entire customer journey, from discovery right through to purchase and support.

Your customers can message you at their convenience. And they can come back to your response when they have time. They choose how and when they interact with businesses.

As it’s bot-led, they receive help without friction. There’s no more waiting. It’s always on.

Removes barriers to purchase

Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they can get their questions answered in real time.

People hesitate before they hit “buy” because they have questions. If they can message the brand directly and get an instant response, those barriers to purchase disappear.

Think of how much that could reduce cart abandonment rate. The benefits are clear.

Streamlines your processes

Google’s Business Messages are bot-led with handoffs to live agent support. The AI technology is a triage for customer queries.

The bots ask the right questions and resolve low-level and straightforward queries.

If customers have more complex queries, the bot identifies the right agent to funnel the enquiry to and hands them over to human support.

It’s not just on Google

Brands can embed the platform on their own channels. That might be on web chat, marketing emails or social platforms.

So, Google Business Messages go way beyond Google-owned property and products. They really are there to help your business in the way that suits you best.

Google Business Messages Success Stories

Let’s take a look at some brands who have seen huge success from implementing Business Messages.


During the pandemic, the world-famous clothing brand recognised customers were devoting more time to pre-purchase research.

In June 2020, Levi’s decided to use Google’s Business Messages to improve interest, engagement and ultimately, purchase rates.

As out-of-hours shoppers had increased by 30%, Levi’s needed to adapt to meet this new communication demand.

Levi’s set up Google’s Business Messages on Google Maps for five, then 50 stores, before ramping it up to more than 200 stores. Their customers now choose when to contact the brand and get answers to their questions on their preferred time frame.

For Levi’s, the results were significant. Customer satisfaction scores for the channel were over 85%. And it drove 30 times more store-related questions than their web-chat service.


As the largest Mexican delivery and logistics company, Estafeta enjoys a highly-trained customer-focused workforce.

As shipments jumped and customer support queries increased during the pandemic, Estafeta had to find a way to combat a drop in customer satisfaction.

So, they turned to Google Business Messages. Now 98% of their customer issues are resolved by the platform, resulting in a 20 point increase in customer satisfaction. And if that wasn’t enough, they also increased their customer reach by 20%.

And there are plenty more stories just like these. Google Business Messages is a tried and tested platform that consistently delivers results for brands who use it.

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