The Benefits of Low Code/No Code App Development Platforms

Jun 10, 2020 | Digital, Digital Strategy, Digital tools

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For the longest time, any software development came with hours of coding with hundreds of individual lines of code. These days, a shift to low code or no code app development has given businesses quicker and easier app development than ever before.

How can your business benefit from this shift in development? There are a number of tools and solutions that give you the right building blocks for simple, elegant, and effective design.

What are these tools? What kind of benefits does this development give? Let’s break it down.

The Big Benefits of No Code App Development

What is low code and no code development? It is a variety of tools and functions with the purpose of putting premade setups and designs together to form a new app. This includes drag and drop tools and reusable components with all the detailed coding done for you.

How does this benefit your business?

1. Improved Development Speed

Less drawn-out coding means faster app development. This improves the overall speed of your development department, letting them turn around designs quicker and easier than before.

Combine with automated testing for rapid-fire app development.

2. Lower Costs

Shorter development time and less moving parts mean a great deal less spending on developers and IT professionals. This creates massive savings for your company.

3. Higher Productivity and Customer Experience

Projects can move faster or even allow room for more intricate and unique projects. This boost to productivity can mean better quality testing and more apps on the market.

The more you test, the more app data you can use to craft a stronger customer experience. Your best way to stand out in the industry is with a unique app that gives a fantastic customer experience.

4. More Effective Risk Management

No code and low code development platforms ensure that you operate within government regulations with all of your app development. The platforms update with quick and simple changes with each new regulation, letting you manage the many risks in putting an app to market without any issues.

5. Easier Adaptation to Future Changes

With platform updates and the easy-to-use tools, your options to change up your app on the fly are massive. With drag and drop pieces to replace old ideas and preset interfaces to fall back on for newer versions, drastic updates take a fraction of the time!

The Right Tools and Solutions

To work with no code app development, you need to understand the best no code and low code development platforms on the market. There are a variety of potent tools, each with their positives and negatives.

Adalo is one of the most top-rated no code app development platforms on the market. It is also one that we here at Three Sixtee are experts on.

Adalo comes with over 25 fantastic setups for your app development. They cover nuanced navigation, easy to read charts and forms, and a secure and efficient in-app payment system.

Other major innovators in no code app development platforms include Buildfire, Flutter, thunkable through AppyPie. All of these platforms take the basic measures of no code development and refine them into their own style.

Each of these tools often has easy-to-access platforms, even using them right on your phone for quick prototyping.

Build Your Business Right with Three Sixtee

No code app development is the way forward to quick and effective app success. With knowledge of the right tools, you can dive right in.

Once you are ready to begin your new no code development journey, we here at Three Sixtee are happy to help. Contact us today for more information.


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