2020’s Top Digital Tools Every Remote Worker Needs

Jun 11, 2020 | COVID-19, Digital, Digital tools

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As the pandemic continues, business workers need to work from home.

Recent statistics show that 41% of UK employees are now working remotely. And that trend is set to continue.

If your business employs remote workers have you provided them with the digital tools they need to be productive?

Read on to discover a range of remote working tools to help your staff collaborate when working from home.

File Sharing

If employees use Office tools like Microsoft 365, then take advantage of OneDrive.

OneDrive is a Cloud file sharing solution built into Microsoft’s business apps. Employees can access their Office docs from anywhere. They can then share and collaborate on them in real-time online.

If you’re a fan of G Suite then Google Drive is a great way to store your files online.

You can save multiple versions of the same file so nothing gets lost when edits are made. And as a Google product, Drive integrates with its suite of apps like Gmail and Google Docs.

Don’t forget about Dropbox!

Sharing files between staff, suppliers, and customers is simple using Dropbox shared links. You can add comments to a shared folder to keep everyone on the same page.

Video Calling/Conferencing

It seems everyone’s using Zoom to communicate via video conferencing and rightly so.

Zoom offers HD video and audio, support for 1,000 video participants, and up to 49 videos on-screen. Remote employees can set up a secure video call within seconds and record what’s said. Easier minute taking and face-to-face chat results in better productivity.

Google has recently updated its own virtual meeting software

It’s called Google Meet and includes up to an hour meeting lengths, 100 maximum participants, and end-to-end encryption. You can even share your screen and give presentations. And it works within Gmail – just tap the button to begin.

Microsoft Office users can collaborate using Microsoft Teams.

Teams of 10 to 10,000 can meet from anywhere using any Internet device. You can even integrate your own apps to manage a more productive workflow.

Project Management

Why make project management boring?

Trello’s aim is to let your employees work more collaboratively in a fun and rewarding way. The bright interface combines a list, board, and card system to help them manage tasks.

Trello also offers an AI bot called Butler.

Butler improves productivity by conducting automated tasks like calendar and due-date commands. And everything’s kept in constant sync across your remote employees’ devices.

Asana offers a drag-and-drop interface to easily create project milestones.

You can plan your branding or social media strategy using their simple remote work tools by assigning tasks. Following progress is easy using the visual project plans. And they even have a free trial.

Slack is a top contender for the best team collaboration app and offers:

  • Shared and private channels for department or team chats
  • Direct messaging and group messaging
  • Integrations with apps like Office 365

Slack provides a unified experience for project management by combining multiple apps. All workspaces are kept up-to-date without having to switch between screens. And everything’s searchable for future reference.

Time Management Digital Tools

Make sure your remote employees use a shared calendar system.

Software like Google Calendar and Outlook let teams view schedules for video conferencing. If they use an iPhone, then enable calendar sharing in the iOS Calendar app and iCloud.

If you need online appointment scheduling then try Calendly.

Create simple rules, share your Calendly links via email or on your website, and your customers pick the time they want. Your remote employees will be notified and their calendars will automatically update.

Build Your Digital Brand

We’ve looked at some great digital tools to help your remote workers in 2020. But what about your business brand? Who’s helping to build that?

Three Sixtee are your digital marketing people!

We specialise in building your business’s online presence. We offer a range of services including web and app development and social media strategy design.

Get in touch with our team today. We’re ready to take your questions and help build your digital brand.


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2020’s Top Digital Tools Every Remote Worker Needs

  As the pandemic continues, business workers need to work from home. Recent statistics show that 41% of UK employees are now working remotely. And that trend is set to continue. If your business employs remote workers have you provided them with the digital...

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