The Benefits of Chatbots for B2B

In getting to where we are today, Chatbot Eliza, the first-ever chatbot who has paved the way for investing in chatbots and has shown the benefits of this technology.

So, what are chatbots exactly? They are automated communicators for clients either on a website, social media, or other messaging platforms.

A chatbot can be used on a wide range of platforms and in many different ways; there are website bots, social media bots, and they can be used for lead generation and customer acquisition. They are getting better and better in resembling human interaction and rarely fail to meet your expectations.

However, this chatbot rise is often associated Business to consumer companies while many B2B companies don’t see them as an opportunity.

In reality, for B2B businesses there is as much benefit as for B2C companies in using chatbots. In fact, a recent study found that 58% of companies declaring using chatbots as part of their business, were categorized as B2B

We will highlight in this blog how B2B companies can benefit from using chatbots, from customer service to moving towards conversational marketing.

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How are Chatbots useful for B2B businesses?

Bots respond to clients instantly

Being automated, bots can respond to customer queries within seconds. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask, and you will get an answer right away.
For example, you can have a customer service chatbot based on artificial intelligence that answers the most frequently asked questions. Among other benefits, they are cost-effective and save time by responding in seconds.
There are many ways you can improve your customer service, clear and direct approach with customers, rather than waiting on a call and being frustrated, quicker responses leave customers more satisfied.

A simple and easy way for customers to communicate and interact

The chatbot will provide recorded responses to customers and answer any questions.
This makes it much easier to solve the simplest support requests (which they are normally the majority) by pointing the client in the right direction and making sure they get what they need.

A shorter sales cycle, which saves time and long-lasting relationships

Chatbots offer almost everything in the chat itself, whether it’s signing up, taking a survey, or even making payments creating a frictionless experience for customers.
For example, the process of “qualifying” leads, which means collecting top-level information about a potential client and their need, can be easily dealt with by a set of automated chatbot queries, saving time and effort to the sales team.

Several clients can be managed at the same time

No matter how large your sales/support team is, they can handle multiple clients at once regardless of how long each client’s conversation might be.

Customers who are satisfied are more likely to return in the future

Needless to say, a faster response to customer queries increases their satisfaction with the service. In a recent survey, 68% of customers said they don’t mind talking to a bot as long as they receive a quicker response. Bots help you keep customers by making them happy and will most likely return. You may wonder why? that is because customers have a customized experience and are able to communicate with them directly and on a more personal level.

Any industry can use chatbots, and they are available in nearly all languages

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, what size company you have, conversational marketing is a must. Fortunately, chatbots are suitable for businesses in a wide range of industries and can be translated into nearly all languages, which makes them handy if you’re targeting clients worldwide.

Customer loyalty and lifetime value can be increased because you build strong relationships with your customers

Another big plus of using chatbots is that they can manage, and build 1-1 conversations on a large scale. By doing this, you build strong relationships with your customers and leave them positively impressed with your service. We are not saying these should replace human interaction when required but certainly, they are a good ally in managing your customer relationships, whether it’s customer service, sales, marketing, or anything else.

Omnichannel Communication

Typically, if you have a live agent handling all your chat queries, they’ll also need to monitor your website and social media channels, which makes it pretty difficult to handle when you’re getting many queries at the same time. Considering that many social media channels now offer their own chatbot functionality you can communicate on different channels and have an automated response on your website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more.

They can help the overall SEO of your website

Yes, I know this may sound strange. What does a chatbot have to do with Search Engine Optimisation? Well, by reducing bounce rates and by increasing sessions (the duration of time spent on a single page) because your clients will most likely come back to your page again and ask questions, clarify doubts.

Chatbots for SEO

More leads are generated and they are better qualified

How do B2B actually generate leads without the latest conversational marketing? Oh, email marketing? Did you know? Conversational marketing averages a 26% response rate compared to email’s 3% response rate. A lead generation bot can increase engagement and customer acquisition by creating an interactive conversation with gifs, emojis, memes, and more, which encourages visitors to interact and also sign up.
Knowing your audience is an essential part of lead generation. Chatbots make it easier for a business to register somebody’s interest in their products and services and understand if it’s a good lead or not. With a few automated questions, they can already “qualify” them, meaning they can understand what are the specific needs, budget, why they contact the company, and so on. Saving the business time and money.

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