Do Facebook Messenger Ads Work? Your Questions Answered

If you’ve never heard of Facebook Messenger Ads, also known as click to messenger ads, then you’ve inadvertently missed one of the fastest growing digital ad formats in 2022.

But the question is: is this trend a passing fad, or a powerful marketing strategy here to stay?

Let’s answer some pressing questions you might have about click to messenger ads.

What’s a click to messenger ad?

Click to messenger ad cta visual example

Click to messenger ads are adverts that – you guessed it – redirect you from the main social media platform or app to the messenger app when you click on them. They take you from ad to messenger in one click.

First emerging on Facebook in 2016, click to messenger ads attract customers through an incentive, such as free content or discounted offers. Once they click on the offer on Facebook, customers will automatically be sent a message on the messenger app. Brands can then get into conversations directly with consumers.

These kinds of ads are becoming more and more popular, with incarnations springing up on Instagram and WhatsApp too.

How do they work?

Messenger ads have proven to be a very effective tool for both product-based and service-based businesses.

The popularity of conversational marketing has exploded during the pandemic and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. 1 in 3 shoppers made a purchase directly via social media in the past year, and it’s estimated that the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by five years. Chatbots have also become the fastest growing brand communication channel, with 67% of global consumers interacting with them over the past year.

It’s little wonder that click to messenger ads have shifted firmly onto the radar of savvy marketing strategists.

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A prospect will be enticed by an ad on a platform like Facebook promising them a discount or a piece of valuable content if they click. Once they click, they get taken to Messenger where a conversation starts.

And it yields great results.

Take Crew Clothing, for example. For its 2019 Christmas campaign, the British clothing company developed a short video in ads that would then click to messenger. It made it fun and easy for people to make a purchase, using an animated character to narrow down purchase options. Crew Clothing enjoyed a 47% conversion rate from this campaign.

Benefits of Facebook messenger ads

Click-to-messenger-ad cta visual example 2

So, why should businesses invest in messenger ads? Let us count the ways.

  • Lead generation

    If lead generation is your main aim, click to messenger ads can lure prospects in with an attractive lead magnet. It could be a discounted offer or a valuable piece of content. Either way, they click and then they’re much more likely to convert once you get them into a conversation.

  • Great conversion rates

    Using conversational marketing in this way is an incredibly powerful way to sell your products or services. What stops a lead from converting? Often, it’s because they have questions or reservations that stop them. Get them into a conversation with a chatbot and these can usually be overcome. And voila – suddenly you’re converting that lead.

  • Capture prospect data

    Using this kind of conversational marketing is also a great way to capture data from your prospects so that you can come back to them in the future. Bots can then target those who have abandoned their cart with little prompts and reminders.

  • High engagement rates

    This is a relatively new way for brands to interact with customers via social media and the evidence shows that they like it. Over the pandemic, people were forced to do a lot more online shopping than they perhaps used to. And the experience has been a surprisingly easy one. It’s widely considered that these new shopping habits will be here to stay. And people are more likely to buy from a brand that they’ve previously interacted with on social media.

  • Reach people where they are

    Facebook has an eye-watering 2.8 billion active monthly users. Think of that. How many of your potential customers are using Messenger right now? An incredibly high number, we’d wager. So, it’s time to make it easier for them to do business with you.

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There aren’t many businesses we wouldn’t recommend click to messenger ads to. In fact, we’re racking our brains to think of any who wouldn’t benefit. Whether product or service based, B2C or B2B, they can work for you. From cosmetics brands to advertising agencies – there’s something here for everyone.

What kind of results should I expect from messenger ads?

Not only do click to messenger ads consistently outperform other kinds of ads, but Facebook’s ad target can also zero in on precisely the right customers for your business.

Whatever your reason for placing ads – whether to build brand awareness, generate leads, or up your conversion rates, click to messenger ads’ automated conversations will drive successful interactions with your customer.

Look at these numbers:

  • 5 Napkin Burger increased their average sale amount by 20%
  • The Pearl Source generated over $64,000 in extra revenue from new customers
  • Sephora increased their booking rate by 11%

All through click to messenger ad campaigns.

Achieve your conversational marketing goals with messenger ads

Using click to messenger ads are a quick way to engage with your customers and generate more leads for your business. Judging by the results, we’re confident that this conversational marketing technique will be around for years, if not decades, to come.

Raring to go with click to messenger ads but unsure where to start? We can help you with that. Our conversational marketing experts will talk you through it and help you start to transform your business.

Click to messenger Ads example

So you might wonder how these ads actually appear on Facebook or Instagram so we thought of putting together an example of the many goals you can achieve with this format. Let’s suppose you’re a bit hungry and want to order some takeaway…

Step 1 – Click on the “Order Now” button

click to messenger ad examples 1

Step 2 – You are redirected to messenger, where you can start ordering

click to messenger ad examples 2

Step 3 – Browse the menu

click to messenger ad examples 3

Step 4 – Pick your food

click to messenger ad examples 4

Step 5 – Choose your quantity

click to messenger ad examples 5

Step 6 – Go to checkout

click to messenger ad examples 6

Step 7 – Choose delivery option

click to messenger ad examples 7

Step 8 – Fill in your details to complete the payment and enjoy your food.

Easy, right? 🙂

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