Latest marketing & Social media updates to keep up with – August 2021

As marketers and advertisers, it’s essential to keep up with the latest marketing news and trends to deliver better solutions. That’s why we’ll provide you all the updates you need to know each month.

We might be quite sad about the end of summer but for marketers and e-commerce merchants, it was actually quite an interesting month. We’ve seen that all social media platforms regardless of their audience and functionality, try to help brands boost their growth.

Here’s what you need to know this month:

Instagram launched new sponsored product listings

When it comes to social commerce, Instagram is one of the top platforms that come to mind – almost 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand on the platform. This month, Instagram proved this statement by showing how they’re trying to find new solutions to push the e-commerce growth. For a while, Instagram has been testing new ads on the shop tab to promote specific products. And finally, this month, they rolled out the new promoted products option within the Shop tab globally.

“I’ve found the most success running ads in an environment where the consumer is already in a shopping mindset, which the Shop tab naturally attracts. The more frequently I can get in front of the consumer in that mindset, the better my potential for ROI.”
– Hannah Gardner, Senior Associate of Acquisition Marketing at Away.

Instagram shopping social commerce examples

So how this new update can help merchants? It’ll make it easier for users to discover and shop whilst they’re browsing on Instagram. These sponsored ads will appear on the Instagram Shop tab home page. By clicking on the ad, users can see all the product details and can other relevant products or collections from the same shop.

Users can also save the product to their wishlist and share it with their friends. To receive a more personalised experience, users can also report the ads if they find them irrelevant.

TikTok announced the new Shopify tab for approved merchant accounts

Sometimes all it takes to spark a massive shopping trend is a single TikTok video. However, unlike other social media platforms, TikTok doesn’t offer much shopping functionality for e-commerce merchants. But of course, this is changing as TikTok’s influence on e-commerce is magical. That’s why this month, TikTok expanded its partnership with Shopify.

“Our community has transformed shopping into an experience that’s rooted in discovery, connection, and entertainment, creating unparalleled opportunities for brands to capture consumers’ attention. TikTok is uniquely placed at the center of content and commerce, and these new solutions make it even easier for businesses of all sizes to create engaging content that drives consumers directly to the digital point of purchase. We’re thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Shopify and making TikTok more accessible than ever for their merchants.” – Blake Chandlee, President, Global Business Solutions at TikTok

Starting from August, Shopify merchants on TikTok will be able to add a new shop tab to display their products. It’s important to note that this functionality will be only available in the US, UK and Canada with selected merchants first. Within the upcoming weeks, TikTok is planning to roll out to all merchants.

TikTok testing Snapchat-style stories

Do you remember the time when only Snapchat had stories functionality? In 2017, Instagram was the first platform to replicate Snapchat’s stories feature. Then came Facebook and all other social platforms. This month, TikTok’s spokesperson Matt Navarra also announced that a new feature called “TikTok Stories” will be launched.

Considering the fact that stories have been the constant factor within social media apps, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. We’re looking forward to the release date!

Spotify added a news feed feature

Spotify might not be the first platform that comes to mind for advertising, however, your audience will be on Spotify listening to some tunes. Back in January, to support local advertisers and publishers, Spotify had launched Spotify Audience Network. And this month, Spotify announced the “What’s New” feature to drive engagement further. With this news feed feature, marketers and advertisers will be able to unlock more insights about what and how each content is being engaged. Marketers can also access user demographics.

As a result, marketers and advertisers can create more relevant content, and, thus, increase engagement further.

Google restricts ad targeting of minors

UK’s ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) states that “Marketing communications addressed to or targeted at children must not make a direct exhortation to children to buy an advertised product or persuade their parents or other adults to buy an advertised product for them.”

As many associations like ASA prohibiting advertising to children, social media and technology giants began to restrict advertising for children. Last month, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger banned ads targeted accounts under 18.

In addition to the changes to YouTube, the search engine giant Google, also restricted ads to minors by this month. It’s great to see how regulations are changing to protect children and teens!

Final thoughts

Today, 33% of consumers in the UK are purchasing through social media, making e-commerce the main revenue driver for social media platforms. That’s why social media apps are trying to roll out a new feature for e-commerce merchants each month. We’re excited about the possibilities of social commerce and how it can leverage your e-commerce brand.

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