PR vs Content Marketing: How To Choose The Right One For Your Business

There are various strategies and practices in use today, but businesses are still in a bind when it comes to knowing what gives them the results they want.
PR and Content Marketing may be similar but yet different.

Content marketing continues to stay on the top with increased revenue for your business.
The focus of PR may primarily be on reputation, but it can also increase brand awareness, brand image and lead generation, all of which, in the end, result in increased revenue.

In this blog we will explore more PR and Content Marketing and how they can benefit your business.

What is PR?

If you work in marketing, you have definitely come across PR at some point in your work experience. PR is also known as Public Relations and refers to the activity of building a positive image of a business through publications, press releases, articles, newsrooms, blogs, networking, word-of-mouth and even content marketing.

Did you know?

According to a study 84% of agencies agree the importance of PR/communications will grow in the next 5 years. It’s never too late to invest in PR.

A study by Muck Rack.

The Benefits of Public Relations

  • Brand Awareness :

    Since PR is concerned with putting out a positive image, it creates brand awareness as the audience is only seeing you in a positive light. This attracts audiences and increases growth.

  • Generate Leads :

    Positive reputation in the public eye can lead to a number of benefits, including other people wanting to learn more about your brand and also becoming part of your brand. Public relations software tools let you target specific audiences with powerful media publications that will maximise your lead generation.

  • Cost Effective :

    Good PR can generate a variety of benefits and in some cases the returns can be sensibly higher than the initial investment, by taking advantage of synergies between earned, owned and paid media.

  • Reputation :

    As mentioned in the previous point, PR does improve your reputation to an extent. The public has always been shown a positive image of a business through PR. This also means any negative publicity will also be minimised or removed immediately.

  • Reach :

    PR offers exponential reach, and you can be more experimental with it than you can with advertising. Publications, articles, and media relations allow you to reach a broader audience who may become your customers.

Some Popular tools used for PR

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is advertising digitally on social media, website, writing blogs, articles and various types of content such as a Video, Photo, Infographics and so on.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Build a community :

    With content marketing, you can directly speak to your target audiences, whether that’s by promoting your services or educating audiences through insightful posts.
    Creating content that makes the audience want to engage with you in future and visit your website is everyone’s dream. Consistently posting on various platforms and actively engaging with audiences, keeps your brand on top of your audience’s mind and also more likely to become your customers.

Did you know?

88% of marketers have successfully reached their goals such as brand awareness, building credibility through content marketing.

– Oberlo.

    • Higher Ranking on SERP :

      Content marketing increases traffic to your website through various channels, such as social media, blog posts, and external websites.You can get more visitors to your website by republishing media that has already been published on your website on social media.

    • Content lasts longer :

      Unlike PR, a good piece of content can generate leads over a longer period of time. Furthermore, highly successful content can be refreshed and updated to get even more out of it.

    • Increase Engagement :

      Without a doubt, content marketing will encourage users to interact with you. One of the most common ways is to ask your users to share their thoughts and encourage users to comment. There are many other ways such as social sharing such as tagging your friends and even resharing the posts onto their personal accounts or to their friends.

Social Media Calendar 2022

Tools used for Content Marketing are :

For Designing:

For Tracking

For Publishing

How does Content Marketing and PR affect SEO?

Creating unique and compelling content is one of the best ways to rank organically. For that reason, an effective content marketing strategy can have a very positive impact on SEO rankings.

On the other hand, Digital PR and – indirectly – word of mouth can gain backlinks to your website. In fact, as more people talk about your business, you’ll likely see your website linked from many sources and ultimately generate a positive impact on SEO.

This can be done through various channels such as social media (social media marketing) PPC (Pay Per Click), email marketing or email outreach, backlinks, targeting keywords

Now, which one is best suitable for your business? PR or Content Marketing?

The answer is both!

They rely heavily on both traditional and digital marketing, which is why PR and Content Marketing work hand in hand in many ways
PR and Content Marketing work hand in hand in many ways, they rely on both traditional and digital marketing. You could create an effective multi-channel marketing strategy where the mixture of PR and Content marketing work well together in their own ways. You need to use both together and get the best of both worlds.

For example, you can publish a very good eBook and then use digital PR to get the word out there.

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