Tips to Create the Perfect Social Media Content Calendar in 2022

Have you ever considered creating content for social media?
Do you always have a wide variety of ideas floating around in your head but never had the opportunity to properly manage them?
Do you often miss the posting times?
Do you ever forget what posts are going live today and when?

Well, that’s probably because you don’t have a social media calendar.

A social media content calendar is one of the essential parts of your Social Media strategy because it not only helps you manage your content across multiple platforms but also allows you to measure your long-term social media goals.

What is a Social Media Content Calendar?

A social media content calendar usually appears in the forms of an electronic sheet or a template that lists:

  • The social media posts are scheduled for the coming days.
  • The platforms they are scheduled for.
  • The person in charge of the post.
  • The date and time they will be posted.

Any other information which may be specific to your business, such as

  • Any link to content/assets needed for the post
  • Any notes on audience
  • Hashtags, mentions
  • Top-level metrics for each post
  • Other

In this blog, we will learn more about the best practices for a social media content calendar so you can get started with the right approach in 2022.

Benefits of using a Social Media Content Calendar

The advantages of having a social media calendar are as follows:

  • You can plan each social media post tailored to the platform’s strategies
  • It makes post analysis and reporting easier
  • Gives an overview of your social media strategy and easily reference single posts/activities on social
  • Gives you clear visibility on posts audiences are engaging with, that can be used for future campaigns with similar techniques, giving you a better understanding of your audience’s needs.
  • Can manage all platforms at once, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to post on certain platforms, with the help of a calendar you can see which post is allocated to the platform and schedule for that day.

Tips to create the perfect content calendar in 2022.

Here are some tips to create an effective content calendar for your social media channels.

  • Know your audience

    Know where your target audience is, where they spend the majority of their time, and what content they engage with the most. This is one of the important steps to consider for your content strategy. That helps you understand which platforms you should prioritize and how often you need to post on them.

  • Find the right platforms

    Finding the right platforms for your social media marketing is necessary. Finding the right platforms and understanding the benefits of using them is beneficial, as you can easily gain engagement and rise to the top. You can also post your content based on what is trending on the platform in this manner.

  • Run a social media audit

    Following on from the previous point, a Social media audit is very important as it gives us an overview of how well your brand is doing on social media in general, this is a step to follow to plan your content wisely and effectively.

We wrote a specific blog about this, which you might find useful.(Link below)

Social Media Audit Guide

  • Competitor Research

    Conduct competitor research or as we say in our friendly social media lingo, “stalking”, to determine what time their content goes live and how many times per week they publish their campaigns; knowing this will provide you with ideas for your marketing strategy.

  • Know your Goals

    Know your goals, and set new goals. This is the very first step in developing your social media strategy and content, whether they are long-term or short-term, and whether they are for community building or generating new leads.You can achieve your objectives by posting content on the appropriate platform.

    For example: if one of your main goals is to increase brand awareness, the first step is to know your audience’s needs, understand their feelings towards your brand and your products/services, and thus build trust and loyalty. When you reach that level, your customers will begin to spread the word about you.In other words word-of-mouth marketing.You can also request that they leave a review.
    Remember, before you begin with your content planning make sure you have a clear understanding of your goals and what you could gain from the content you post.

  • Content Curation

    Content curation is a lifesaver. Curated content stays fresh for longer, you can publish content from your own blog or resources that you find on the web from a year ago and people will still find it useful and engage with it.

    Examples of curated content include :

    1. Survey responses
    2. Industry topics
    3. Old social media posts
    4. eBooks
  • Consistency

    Continuing from the previous point, Monitor how many times you have recycled a certain post on your social platform, for instance, you have a post about a laptop you’re selling, you want that to publish occasionally but don’t want it to get too annoying for your audience, with the calendar you can keep a record of how many times you have posted on each platform.

  • Content-Type

    Consider which content type is appropriate for each platform and plan accordingly. You can also create a column for different types of content with a drop-down to types of content such as:

    1. Video
    2. Image
    3. Text only
    4. Image + Text
    5. Infographics
    6. Live streams
    7. Ebooks
  • Colour Coding

    Rather than spending minutes looking for something, this will be much more appealing. Highlight in three main colours, Red, Amber, and Green, to indicate different stages of campaigns, such as Red for not completed, Amber for still in progress, and Green for successfully published. This makes it easier for your team members to stay up to date and easier to track.

  • Posting Schedule

    Plan a posting schedule and how consistent you will be with your posts based on your platform’s strategy. For example, will you post on Facebook once a day or 5 times a day?
    According to the Digital Marketing org, posting twice a day is ideal for Facebook. Considering these key points will assist your brand in developing a strong marketing strategy for each channel.

The best free social content calendar templates for 2022

Now that you have a better understanding of the Social Media Content Calendar. Let’s take a look at some free downloadable templates.




Hubspot social Media Calendar

HubSpot allows businesses to download a free content calendar that works with Microsoft Excel.

Do not worry about color-coding or labels, HubSpot has already completed this task for you.

Once you have entered your information, you will be redirected to a new page where you can download the copy.
You will also receive an email with a link to download your copy.

Simply download the copy, a folder that includes a “Social Media Content Calendar User Guide” and a “Social Media Calendar” will be successfully downloaded.

The User Guide takes you on a detailed tour of how to use your content calendar.

HubSpot has also included separate sheets for each platform, allowing you to perfectly organize topics for each platform.




Hootsuite social media content calendar

You can get a free copy of Hootsuite’s social media content calendar here.

Once you’ve entered your information, you’ll be redirected to the “Google Sheets version.”

On the first sheet, everything is explained, The calendar is on the second sheet.

You can either make a copy or download an excel version to your desktop.

Co schedule

Co schedule social media content calendar

We can be more creative with our planning and scheduling with Co schedule’s free downloadable content calendar template.

By visiting their website, and clicking on the download now button, your content calendar template will be successfully downloaded.

The calendar already has everything you need to begin planning.

Each sheet is divided into each month of the year.

The sheet includes the week, the channel, the day of the week, important notes, etc.

Content Cal


Content Cal social media content calendar

You can download this free content calendar from Content Cal,

As with others, fill in your details, and the calendar will be successfully downloaded to your device.

Instructions for using the content calendar are included on the first sheet.

A unique feature of this sheet is that it contains a brief questionnaire for your own use.

Everything is on one sheet, and the content is self-explanatory.


Kickstart your 2022 with a social media content calendar is never too late. With the information in this blog, you are now ready to create your own calendar, get creative, and come up with amazing ideas.

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