The Background

The Umbrella Project is the canopy that oversees the Discount Suit Company, The Sun Tavern, Umbrella London and Umbrella Radio.

With the addition of an online shop selling bottled cocktails, cocktail kits and other favourites from their bars. All their cocktail kits are made using independent and small producer spirits, with everything in their online shop having a nod to The Sun Tavern and Discount Suit Company bars.

For this project, The Umbrella Project was looking to drive new audiences to purchase online and measure the impact of their ad spend.

The Umbrella Project London Cocktails Bar
The Umbrella Project London Cocktails Bar
The Umbrella Project London Cocktails Bar

How we helped

  • Advertising Services
  • Ecommerce & Retail
  • Social Media

The Umbrella Project took a three-pronged approach, using a combination of Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Shopping Ads & Email Marketing automations.

The Umbrella Project ran a paid social media campaign with a traffic objective. This aimed to promote the brand to reach a wider audience, drive more web traffic to its online shop and ensure the improvement in sales could be attributed to the Facebook/ Instagram campaigns by calculating the revenue gained from customers using the unique discount code.

To take advantage of the opportunities that discovery commerce provides; The Umbrella Project ran a Google Shopping Ads and Responsive Display campaign for a selection of their products to attract potential customers searching online for similar products to visit the online shop and complete a purchase.

The third prong in the approach was to set up a range of Ecommerce email marketing flows that included Welcome, Cart Abandonment and Win-Back Emails.


The results

The Umbrella Project’s Social Ads campaign (Facebook + Instagram) generated over 1 million Impressions, with a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.75% and an amazing 5X ROAS.

For the Google Shopping Ads campaign, The Umbrella Project were able to increase sales and target profitability by focusing far more on their top-selling SKUs rather than put the entire catalog. We saw 3X ROAS and a benchmark beating Conversion Rate (CVR) of 3%.


“Three Sixtee helped us pull together a marketing strategy to help us find new customers for our new online shop. The results show the approach was a success! We were able to go from no sales to almost six figures in sales, in just under 6 months”

– Andy Kerr, Director, Umbrella Project