The background

In an unprecedented environment brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic, TT Liquor whose business is providing in-person cocktail masterclasses for groups of people had to quickly pivot their business due to social distancing and restrictions of movement and gatherings.

In response, they took their masterclasses online and delivered the cocktail kits/boxes to those who signed up, prior to the zoom session. For this campaign, TT Liquor wanted to reach new customers, increase sales and be able to measure the impact of their ad spend.

TT Liquor Cocktail
TT Liquor Cocktail Party
TT Liquor Cocktail

What we did

  • Advertising Services

The second part of TT Liquors strategy involved replacing static display banners with Smart Creatives, which use machine learning to generate an infinite number of visual ads that can be tailored to each customer.

Responsive Display Ads were used to draw upon a pool of its own images, headlines, logos and descriptions to build new banners for each potential ad space. Combining this with Responsive Search Ads meant they could use and test different text combinations to discover which performed best with each audience.

While static display ads have size restrictions, Smart Creatives can be generated to fit any advertising space. This approach allowed Linden Homes to save on creative spend while increasing the number of Google Display Network (GDN) websites their ads could appear on.

The results

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“We had a good level of visitors landing on our website organically as we are in the top 3 listings for our most relevant keywords but we saw an opportunity to grow the business using Search ads on Google. Our revenue in the last 6 months has been our highest to date

Ali Tatton, Director, TT Liquor